Discover the POWER of your AWARENESS

In the rush of the modern world, we often find ourselves lost in an endless array of obligations, thoughts, and expectations. Our attention is torn in all directions, while the challenges and stresses of everyday life pile up. In those moments, inner peace and tranquility seem like an unattainable dream, further away than ever before.

But what if I told you that peace lies within you? What if there's a simple yet powerful tool that can help you connect with that inner oasis of peace, even amidst the storms of life's challenges? That is the power of Mindfulness.

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Hello, I am Darko

Mindfulness Trainer In-Me, NLP Master Trainer, IN, Coach Master Trainer ICI, Reiki and meditation teacher, doctor of medicine, founder of ENERGY HOUSE.

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  • Discover the power of your awareness
  • History of Mindfulness
  • Benefits of Mindfulness
  • 7 attitudes by J.K. Zinn
  • Breathing and Mindfulness
  • Exercise: Square Breathing
  • Exercise: Mindfulness Concentration
  • Changing habits with Mindfulness

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Free workshop

The Magic Powers of Mindfulness

Watch my free workshop in Mindfulness World Congress 2023 organized by In-Me Association (Institues for Mindfulness Evolving) from Berlin.


This education is FOR:

  • Busy people who have a lot of obligations and tasks during the day
  • People who need more focus and concentration
  • People who are easy irritable and lack patience and tolerance
  • People who think they don’t have enough time
  • People who are aware that they can progress even more in all aspects of life
  • People who want to increase awareness and reduce automatic reactions