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Our energy status is most important task that we have.


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Wednesday, May 12th
8:00 PM CET

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In life we ​​pay attention to time and deal with Time Management, we pay attention to finances and then we start dealing with Financial Management, but we do not pay attention to our energy level to start dealing with the Management of our life energy during the day.

Somehow, money and time are more important to us than inside fealing. And very often we forget to ask ourselves, "How am I now, while I'm doing all this?"

This webinar is just a reminder that our energy status is most important task that we have, if we want to manage time and money as efficiently as possible.

We will also talk about time, because from my point of view and experience, we cannot manage time, but we can organize our obligations in a certain period of time and the better we are energetically, the easier it will be for us to do everything we have planned.

We will also talk about money, because we cannot manage money, but we can manage our needs and ways of earning. Where is our focus, whether on costs or on earnings? We will talk about needs and what is the relationship between needs and energy.

When we learn to put ourselves in good state first, and then plan and think of money, then our quality of life will also improve. We will do everything we normally do with more peace, love, patience and tolerance, and what is great? It will take us less time and money for it.

Various dissatisfactions are imposed on us on a daily basis and we think that we will be better if we satisfy them, but in fact we just need to raise the level of life energy and life satisfaction grows.

Are there people who lead a modern lifestyle and stay in balance despite various unforeseen circumstances? The good news is that they exist! These are people who understand that managing your time is important, but that managing your energy is more important!

What we direct our energy into is most materialized in our life. If we worry, we are in fear or under stress, no matter how good we are, we will not have the energy to rise to higher levels of success and achieve great goals.

People who are successful manage their energy very well, do not allow others to exhaust them and use that creative energy to achieve great results and have a very quality lifestyle.

REIKI - universal energy flows through us and around us and drives our energy centers to action and creation. The more energetically we flow, the more we are in balance and we can live better. Through this method, we learn how to protect ourselves from negativity and direct our energy to our desires and goals.

In this FREE WEBINAR we talk about the importance of energy, energy management and how the Reiki method can balance our energy.

I look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

WEBINAR HOST: Dr. Darko Cvetković

Darko is a Reiki teacher, meditation teacher and internationally certified NLP trainer and coach. Co-founder of the company ENERGY HOUSE company for personal and professional success support, which exist since 2015 and has educated more than 4,000 people so far.

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